Landscape & Travel Photographer

Peter Boers

Peter Boers is a Dutch landscape and travel photographer. Vivid or serene colors, beautiful light and the right composition gives him the opportunity to show the beauty around us and a glimpse of what he calls awakening: truly being aware of a deeper meaning in life. It brings the ‘wow factor’ that triggers him to press the schutter. For him this is true ‘ Playing with Light’.


I was astounded by the colors of ice at hight altitude. They inspired me so much I wanted to take them with me.

Peter Boers is a passionate Dutch landscape, nature and travel photographer from Amstelveen. He got his first camera when he was thirteen. Attracted by new experiences and his interest in overwhelming nature, Peter studied biology, learned how to climb (alpine and rock) and discovered traveling to foreign countries and cultures. When he first climbed at high altitude he was astounded by the many colors white and blue that snow and ice can have. He became passionate about these colors. A same feeling he got from other cultures and unfamiliar nature. Therefore at twenty Peter began to combine photography with his other passions: nature, mountaineering and traveling.

Peter enjoys exploring nature and new surroundings. His love for nature and the landscape around us is reflected in his style of shooting. Intens colors, beautiful light and the right composition give the ‘wow factor’ that triggers him to press the schutter. When traveling or visiting (foreign) cities he can also be affected by what he sees in the same way. For Peter photography is an art vorm. Not just catching the moment. While shooting Peter merges into the moment. Photographing in an unstrained way, feeling passion for your surrounding and indulge yourself in making pictures with ‘rock solid’ right compositions, is for him the ultimate challenge and the true ‘playing with light’.

By sharing Peter wants others to enjoy his images. But he also wants to inspire them to see how beautiful nature is and that it is worth taking care of and maintaining it. Meanwhile, he will passionate keep capturing what gives him a sense of wonder, enthusiasm and joy.

I love ‘playing with light’ and creating the right composition. But it always remains a challenge.